Long hello there

I’m a bit tired today… Went to the gym just now (yup! I’ve started going to the gym!) so I’m a bit sleepy now. Things have been great here… My room is awesome, and I’ve never stopped trying to make it more awesome everyday. And since now I share with only 4 other people, everything is really great! I cook almost everyday now. Not that my previous hall wasn’t nice… It’s nice, really! I’ve been talking those who lived there last year and some of them do share the same feeling about whitworth park…
On a totally unrelated matter, I’ve finally got myself a new… Wait for it…… iPod touch!!!!!!!!! I’m really excited about it and i’m really happy for myself. Now I understand how people keep on updating their fb status and tweet every minute! For the time being, i’m limited to the availability of wifi connection to update stuff, which is not really a problem since the whole uni is wifi enabled… It would be nicer if I can use it anytime, though….
And now, it’s been a while since I’ve skyped with my best friends; zaf, farhanah, and chakoy. Miss them…
I also miss my family in Malaysia and Melbourne…. It’s just that, when I’m with them, everything was so easy and I’m so relaxed…. Now that I’m back to living alone, there’s just so many things to think about….such as my studies.
I’ve started going to the library yesterday and managed to study a bit… Went with dee (my library buddy) for a couple of hours and it felt really good.. Felt like old times…
I’m gonna sleep now… My eyes are really heavy…. Write to you later (wtyl)… Good night.
P/s: I’ll try to find some time to write Hull part 2 later…

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