Today (yesterday)

Today, a busy day…. Had tutorials and lectures since 10am every alternate hour…. When I finished at 6, I was totally worn out. But then, on the bus something happened that totally changed my mood… There was this one lad, kinda toppled at the back of the bus, and I was right behind him… To make it clearer to u, it was really funny. There were a few other guys who laughed at him while helping him out. But I just sat quickly, looking away, to save him the embarrassment. The whole journey, I tried my best not to laugh but I can’t! I giggled a bit and smiled a lot and the whole in incident kept on repeating itself in my head. I tried to cover it up by looking at my iPod and playing games. I felt a bit bad for laughing but naaah! He’ a young lad and he must have thought that it’s funny as well… Right after I got inside my friend’s house, I burst into laughter and chuckled like hell! Haha!
By the way, I also went to my friend, Annis Natalia’s birthday dinner at this seafood restaurant, by last minute self-invitation, (lol) and the food was really nice…. And the funny bit is that I initially thought of going to the gym! So instead of running around, trying to lose some weight, I went to this lovely dinner…. Another lol moment…
Then, I realized that I have this assignment due tomorrow (today, technically). Got home, fb a bit, skyped a bit, and quickly finish off the essay… And now, in my tiredness, I still delayed my sleep and write this blog instead. Ok fine… I think I’ll go to sleep now….nite… Wtyl!

P/s: Jason Mraz’s new EP album is out today.. And he’s got this really nice song variations in there. Have a listen on his site!

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