It’s the 2nd week in a row that I don’t go out on a Friday night. I know that it sounds ridiculous or awfully attention seeking… But it had been a really stressful 2 week for me. I’ve started to feel like I’m flaming out. And I don’t want to flame out. I want to feel the adrenaline in my body as I juggle between classes and library and party and gym and music an other stuff. But now…. I feel like… Although being surrounded by lots of people, I’m starting to feel empty, lonely, and sad. And I’m frustrated you know… I hate feeling that way. Because generally, I’m a very happy funny guy. But now I realized that once I feel a bit moody, I’m actually bad at hiding it. The whole world, or at least those who care, will know.. You what… I feel like sitting down in a corner, and curl up like a ball, and cry alone…. Maybe a good long cry will help. I hope.

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7 thoughts on “2nd

  1. its not unusual to once in a while feel empty inside. its nice to just sit there doing nuthing until u have the energy to move again. dont forget to doa byk2, ngaji.
    take care.

  2. thanks.. i’m hanging in there… just trying to hold on… coz i dont want it to last that long, because 2nd year s pretty tough right now… feel like there’s now time to actually sit there and doing nothing or just stare at the computer…

  3. Ana N. on said:

    yes, exactly. however, while u r running really fast & focusing to get there, its ok once in a while u sit, breathe, recharge & get back on track. yes, not exactly the time drift away coz wat u need to get is that piece of paper saying that u r exellent to score a brilliant job when u graduate. dont be like me/abang, we had to go thru rough time coz of us being miserable & depressed during our uni time. sudahnye we didnt have it nice right afta uni. now je ok after having to work extra hard coz of kesilapan lalu.
    kaklong doakan u hv all the strength to go thru life there. sorry i’m not there with u to help 😦

  4. oh… thanks.. that really means a lot to me… love you.

  5. if you need somebody to talk to, i’m here. sorry ive been mia for far too long. now that winter is approaching, its hard not to feel gloomy for no reason lol but seriously, if u feel lonely, thats what friends are for. maybe i’m not the one you need but u have a lot more others across the globe.

  6. yea.. and try to call at the right time next time

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