see that? i can’t imagine how winter’s gonna be like this year…


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6 thoughts on “aaaccchoooo!

  1. Ana N. on said:

    sejuk ye. kesian. keep warm. now u gonna start drink decaf again or normal coffee tapi a little bit later not straight after bgn tido.
    take care. nanti apa2 hal call me. now i start kerja at 930pm until 830 am, so if u wanna talk to me around 7pm waktu melbourne tu ok la.

  2. haha.. memang pun… tak tau la nanti winter camner… ok.. will try to call you later nanti..
    and yup, in a few weeks time, i’ll start on decaf..

  3. Ana N. on said:

    hey dude, u cuti winter pegi mana? i got a new house by then, better, prettier, bigger, still in chadstone 🙂 jom lepak sini 😀

  4. Ana N. on said:

    haaa.. bagus la tu cuti sebulan. pegi kerja petik cherry ke apa ke, dah kaya datang sini bercuti. kaklong cuti 18 dec sampai 3 jan. jom. bila lagi awak nak naik my new car & enjoy my new house 😀

    • i’m all for that… seriously.. but again, seriously, mana ada ceri nak petik tengah tengah beku nih??! hahahaha! and tu la… but if u insist, boleh je, awak nak belanja or subsidi my trip there… hehehehe…

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