to a friend, whom i miss A LOT!

this entry is specially dedicated to Hasvaany Manoharan.

met her on my first day of college. after 10 minutes of pure, genuine, and normal awkwardness that i usually have with new people, i knew that we would be having a lot of fun times together.

i was right indeed. we did have a lot of fun times together.

but one day, she came with a great news, in tandem with a terrible news. the great news is that she got a scholarship from JPA. but…. she’ll have to leave college and go to INTEC instead. i was heartbroken. [ok guys, i know that this sounds a bit like she’s my girlfriend, but rest assured, she’s not] i was really sad to hear the news, and was literally counting the remaining days that i’ll have with her.

the final night, we all took a last walk together, taking pictures, and chatted like were never gonna meet each other again… when the day came, i was sad, but since i’ve prepared myself for the day, i remained cool… (lol)

and now, she’s in India, studying medicine there, while i’m here, doing my things. honestly, we dont really contact each other that much, but i think, that’s the beauty of it. whenever we do contact each other, i savour each moment… i’ll have a good laugh in front of my computer, reading posts that she put on my wall, and cracking my head open trying to outwit her.. but obviously, i cant! she’s just naturally funny and lovable. if u dont believe in me, and u have her facebook account, u can just see all these things they wrote on her wall… not ordinary birthday wishes! that’s gotta mean something right?

you know why i feel like she’s a great friend? let me tell you, some of the interesting fact about her:

  1. whenever i see her, she’ll always have Clorets! until i suspected that she is one of those Clorets’ ambassador or promoter. sorry hassy, that i’ll always finish them up…
  2. both of us came up with this idea of random talk and silent talk… paradoxical, but really fun..and i have to say, that she is really good at it! seriously good! i mean like, whenever we have this random talk, she’ll come out with something reaaaally random and funny… and i cant keep up! i’ll laugh after she said 2 sentences…. and the best part is… aina will always be out of topic.. just for the sake of it.. hahahaaahahaa! (sorry aina! i hope that u’ll get better at it!)
  3. she also came up with this term “face no. x” where you replace x with any number… just any random number that you can think of. like, for example, when you are texting, or chatting on facebook, and you want to make a serious notation, you can put “face number 20” or “serious face” or, quoting her on my wall:” ooh trust me i am studying, *muka nerd melampau*“( excessively nerd face) she’ll even number your smile you know….
  4. she and aina invented the nickname ‘harry b’ for me. (##)
  5. in her chalet, she nicknamed a lizard ‘Timothy’ and some flies are called ‘zubaidah’
  6. we have a random name for each of us…. hasniza for her, arumugam mahosapanandan for aina, and i cant remember mine… (some random chinese name)
  7. she is really bright, right-handed, loves gossiping, understands me (and my enemy), and very cheerful.
  8. she has this trademark of MR. FLEA, where she will always doodle this cute little flea everywhere. apparently she substitues it with this in the cyber world: =(^.^)=
  9. she gave me a pebble she stole from KYUEM’S japanese garden, and i dave the same thing to her. she also wrote me a testimony in my Eupho book… (yup! the only outsider)
  10. she IS SO RANDOM!!!! the funny kind of random…. here’s some bit she wrote on my fb wall:

Harry B!! :):) i miss u too…!! can u DHL urself here to india???? please? i’ll take that as 3 years b’day presents covered! *muka deal?* india is so awesome harry b!! the autos, komuniti lembu dan kambing, the rupees, the head oscillating from side to side when talking! marilah berkunjung…how is the uk? no more sunny days? why? i’ll send u some sun, here panas terlampau terik. lol.


Greetings dear respected facebook subsciber.

RE: Annual Maintenance by the Team of Facebook Directors and its Associates.

With reference to the matter stated above, In line with our policy to ensure top notch quality of function of all facebook features, we require your cooperation to navigate to your profile page, and select the wall-to-wall button at the bottom right of this column, and proceed to deliver a comment to acknowledge this notification.

Failure to deliver prompt action would result in gay squiggly lines and red white polka dots spamming your entire profile in open view of all other facebook subscribers. And may we remind you, that is potentially hazardous to your public persona. Hence, do give us your utmost cooperation.

Thank you, have a nice day, and selamat berpuasa. =)

Yours truly,
Team of Maintenance.


nevertheless, the list goes on and on forever. all the brief moments that we spent with you were proven beneficial and great! now i know that i’m not sad that we’re separated, but i’m happy that we met! you are truly a great friend. and i miss you a lot. i dont know how to express that in depth just on your facebook wall, so i wrote this entry for you. i hope that u read it and give some ‘acknowledgement’ or something like that. friend, happy 19th birthday. i do hope that you’ll have a great, fun, hectic, sweaty, funny times in india.

there we were… posing like we’re gonna be in the college’s prospectus…

i think that this was one of her last days there…

p/s: i think that this is the longest that i’ve ever written here. u should be proud!

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One thought on “to a friend, whom i miss A LOT!

  1. hasvaany on said:

    post ini sangat cantik 🙂 terima kasih daun keladi harry b!!!

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