fainted.. literally did

so, as a continuation from last post, i did go to the cinema and watched SAW 3D. but i didn’t grab a sub on  the way, so i haven’t had anything to eat since last night. went in, and the first scene was gruesome (as always). about half an hour through the show, after that shock… i felt a bit light-headed… so i went to the toilet to freshen up a bit (or maybe throw up). and on my way to the toilet, not even out of the auditorium yet, i things started to black out and i fainted.

yes. i fainted right there and then on the floor… but not for long.. maybe a minute or less.. i tried my best to wake up, and walk out of the auditorium, to some place where people can see me (in case of emergency).  thankfully, there was an empty bench. i lay down for a while, trying to regain strength. i think it was because i didnt eat anything… maybe low blood pressure of something like that (any suggestion). and the 3D made it worse.

since i’ve paid for the ticket, (unlike the last time where we went in for free – totally legal) i wanted to watch the rest of the movie. so i went in, head still throbbing, and luckily, survived till the end.


after that, we went to pick sash up and headed straight to Lotus. lovely nasi lemak dinner. really satiating.

now i’m back in my room, head still throbbing, and i think i want to have a paracetamol, shower, and sleeepppp….

its kinda embarrassing though, fainting albeit being a true SAW lover…

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