who would have expected it?

so, i went out last night, and after that, went to my friends’ house.

on my way there, saw a fire truck somewhere in rusholme.

stayed for a while at my friends’ house, then we heard a fight outside. (i almost spelled outside “outsight”, lol)

watched a bit, there was a guy holding a fire extinguisher. (kinda hoping for a bit more action, but ‘unfortunately’ not. lol again)

4 police cars came. and handled the situation. interrogation, etc… (cool!)

went to the bus stop to check for bus timetable.

when i came back to my friends’ house, the cops are gone, but there’s an ambulance nearby.

apparently, there’s a guy bottled by his housemate because he wont stop talking. (wow!)

and when i was waiting for the bus to get home, i saw another fire truck coming out of the owen’s park hall. (must be some of the drunk guys who put off the fire alarm… it happened once in my hall last year. (another lol)

went back home safely (phew!) and wrote this entry.

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