Boom boom boom

Tonight was bonfire night here in uk. I went and watched the fireworks with dee and sash. I love it. I still remember when I was a little kid, I used to love them a lot. But growing up in a boarding school, I didn’t get to watch them that much with my family. Only these last few years that I’ve started enjoying them again. Like last year’s (this year) new year celebration. Went to see the fireworks show in London and it was awesome. And again today. I’ve always feel like there’s this moment of solitude and tranquility when I watch the fireworks show. I feel extremely calm and happy. Almost child-like again. And I wish that i was with my family at that time. Miss u guys. XXX

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2 thoughts on “Boom boom boom

  1. wah fireworks sempena apa? yeah, each time i watch fireworks here, i wish my family was here as well. dun really care if its our tax money yg dibakar tu or pencemaran udara, but i alwiz make an effort to go watch it no matter wat. kalau tak dapat tengok sure sedih. i hafta watch how my tax money being burned!! 🙂
    takde gambar ke?

  2. ada… nanti dulu eh.. busy sket…. and bonfire ada kat wiki….

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