the anatomy of grey…

I think that I’ve mentioned here somewhere that I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy (tv show).

I think so.

It’s kinda like a platform for me to understand and experience (ya right!) the life of a doctor. This is because I’ve had this one little spot in me who wants to be a medical doctor. But I chose economics instead. And I also want to know how my sis’s life is. Although she always say that all these shows are not realistic at all, and it’s different in real life, etc, I’ve always loved the show. Especially all the dramas…

—— Spoiler alert—— (continue reading only if u have watched all episodes, or don’t mind knowing what happened or just don’t care about the show but would like to know how I feel instead)

Like in the previous season when Lizzie got cancer, or George died, or the finale of season 6 when the shoot out happened. It’s all really amazing and moving. There are lots of good quotes in it and tonnes of sad scenes. My two favourite doctors are Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Izzie Stevens. But now since Izzie left, I’m left with only Dr. Bailey alone.

I get really sad and moved when some unexpected stuff happens or someone died. It’s when we can see how the doctors are connected to their patients not only professionally, but also emotionally. I’ve always loved the show, and will always love it in the near future (hope so). In the latest episode (season 7 episode 6), at the end, Mandy Moore unexpectedly didn’t wake up from a simple


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9 thoughts on “the anatomy of grey…

  1. hadijah on said:

    sedih yee

  2. jijiks dgn all the medical shows on tv!! cannot stop my mouth from kutuking all those rubbish that they make the public believe. hahahhahahahah..

  3. chet… said so…

  4. yup doctors connected to the patients predicaments. nurses tak langsung 😛

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