Judge Me Tender

Judge me, wont you? You probably have. I think that everyone judge people.  Say you just met Mr. X. And I ask u what you think about him. You’ll probably say “yeah, he’s a nice guy” or “uhm, I don’t really like him. He seems a bit snobbish”.   Of course, everybody wants to be loved by everyone. But that’s only gonna be possible in a perfect world, unlike ours. To me, everyone deserves an opinion about something or someone. But I think, what makes judging less appealing, is when people talk about you to other people, if they don’t really like the way you are or things you do. What in the world makes them think that they are better than you? Seriously. Before we wanna talk and judge other people, just because they go clubbing, or they appear to be arrogant or something, we must first ourselves: do we appear the same way to other people? Are we SURE that we will not do the same in the future? Have we tried and ask for an explanation from them for the way they are behaving?  I’m not saying that I do these all the time, but usually, I’ll try my very best to do it. Or else, I’ll just keep it to myself. Some of you who hang around with me might say “yeah right” but yeah. I do reserve a lot of comments. Although I talk a lot, I do reserve a lot of comments. Especially the sensitive ones. What gave me the right to say that you are a bad person because you experiment with stuff? Or if you don’t wear a scarf (for Muslims) or something like that? I believe that we are not perfect. At least I think that I am not. Therefore, if you have something to say, try and tell me. I’ll try to do something about it. Or at least provide some explanation about it. I always want to hear other people’s opinions on how I can improve, as a person. Let’s say that u found any grammatical error in this blog, I’m more than happy to hear it. Wouldn’t it be better that way? Instead of you go around telling people that I have a terrible English and don’t deserve to write a blog.  So in judging others, please have a good look in the mirror first. No I am not angry and this is not a rant. I just wanna write about this. Lol.

p/s: this is the post that i lost two days ago. i had to rewrite it. and i think that it’s not as nice as the original one.

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4 thoughts on “Judge Me Tender

  1. dude, apa jadi? ada org kutuk awak ke? bagitau sapa.. meh sini gua cepuk sikit. then suruh dia sendiri blaja english kasi betul. hehehehe. gurau. u okay?

    • hehe.. mana ada… kan dah kata, i’m not angry or upset or anything. saja nak tulis something about this. and about english tu, hariz happy je kalau org betulkan.. it’s for the better kan…

  2. u should moderate ur receiving comments. =)

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