too much trust might kill you

trust. what’s the famous quote based on trust? on top of my head is “trust must be earned”. the famous one that my dad will always say is “trust yes, verify must” and a good one from Shakespeare is “Love all, but trust a few” (thanks to google). it is implied in these 3 quotes that trust is not an easy thing; to give or to receive. why is that so? because people take things for granted i would say. people take trust for granted. yes, it is hard to trust a person with all your heart.

but at the same time, once you have established a relationship, trust should come in tandem with it. it would be awful to be in a relationship where trust is an issue. to make it simpler, trust and verify once in a while. that should be all right. to not trust your partner to do anything just because you are afraid or insecure is not fair. (of course that person must not do stuff that might jeopardise one’s trust) because we do see in movies and dramas, that most relationship will have problems relating to trust. whether too much, or too little.

so they say,

too much trust might kill you,

too little of it will kill you.

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5 thoughts on “too much trust might kill you

  1. Trust, once lost, should forever be withheld…

  2. mamacomel53 on said:

    Trust your inner self first. never trust anybody fully, eventhough some one close to ur soul.
    You will be deeply hurt if that person betray u. So love ur self FIRST!

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