it’s been awhile since i last wrote here a proper entry. it’s been quite hectic and any spare time i had, had been spent either by sleeping, or relaxing/chatting/hanging out with friends.

last week… i hate last week.  at the end of reading week, i went to this Nottingham Malaysian Games gathering and i met lotsa friends who i miss a lot. it was all ok till then.


monday: i had a mid semester exam for microeconomics (33.3% of final mark), and to me, it was not that good, but i was really happy that it was over.


tuesday: tried my best to complete my assignment.


wednesday:  i had to submit mathematical economics coursework (10% of final mark). it was awful as well. almost everyone got different answers to the questions.  by then i was already forecasting fever, flu, and tonnes of headaches coming… and my predictions were right. i fell sick that night. arrrgh!


thursday: woke up quite late, by Adrian’s phone call, inviting me for an early lunch session with DeeZuraimi. since i figured that i’ll need something to fill my empty stomach before taking any medicine, which i was out of stock, maybe i should drag myself out of bed and join them for a korean lunch. i was really bummed because that morning i skipped the last lecture for econometrics, which i had an exam (20% of final mark) this week! got myself a box of ibuprofen, took a couple, and dragged myself, fashionably late to macroeconomics lecture.


friday: was still sick. but had a great evening. there’s this event where they switch on the christmas lights in the city. went there and watched a few performances, and watched this really nice fireworks show (yes, again!). and i was so happy, that i felt like hugging everyone (and spread the disease! lol!) but yeah, really, it was spectacular. then we went to Raja Dee’s house and she cooked this amazing dinner for all of us. tomyam, some gulai udang (shrimps), kangkung (spinach) belacan, and chicken curry. *drool*. chilled out a bit and walked home sometime after midnight. on my way back, bumped into Adrian and the gang and they invited me to go to Sakura for this People’s Society event. long story short, went there-dj sucked-escaped to baa bar-baa bar closed-went back to Sakura- dj still suck-went back. i guess it was a little bit better than staying in because i needed fresh air and some moving to jumpstart my recovery.


saturday: nothing interesting happened on saturday, i woke up late, and i had to start studying for my econometrics exam. that night, i was so exhausted and i can feel like my fever was coming back, i took some ibuprofens and paracetamol and i slept at around 11pm. to my surprise, i felt like i was in a hospital again. i know that this is somehow ridiculous because the last time i was admitted to a ward was in march 2000.  but really. that night, when i climbed up into my bed, lying there, i really felt like all the memories are coming back to me.i think i know why. i’m the kind of person who likes to sleep in the dark. but that night, i left my curtain open a bit, my toilet door open and i didnt turn the toilet light out. the purpose was so that a bit of sunlight can enter the room in the morning. and i can have an early morning to study,etc. since i was sick, i dozed off pretty quickly. to my surprise, 4 hours later, at around 3++ am, i woke up, and i felt like i had been sleeping for ages. and there i was, on my bed, lying around doing nothing. and i really felt like i was in a ward again.


sunday: studied quite a lot that day. and chilled a bit with some friends at Matiin’s house that night.


monday: prepared myself for the exam on tuesday.


tuesday: was so busy studying that i didn’t even remember that it was eid till that morning! exam on eid… hmm..


wednesday: matiin n nisa held this amazing eid gathering at their house. got an email saying that the result for tuesday’s exam was out. checked it there and then. got 84%. it was a really great night. really chilled, just pure relaxation, fun, and food.


thursday: just realised that i have 100 slides of mathematical economics to study for tuesday’s exam. and i havent even started.

that is why i didnt really have any time or strength to write any proper entry here. busy week. and i have a feeling that it’s gonna be the same till december…


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7 thoughts on “READ!

  1. 84%?? congrats!

  2. Tough time don’t last but tough people do! 🙂
    and 84%? congrats! 🙂

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