is this what uni is?

inspired to blog.

i was sitting by myself and listening to Bruno Mars’ song “Talking To The Moon” while looking out the window in this cold winter night and i thought of my life. uni life. so is this uni life?

when i have tonnes of things to study. tonnes of exam. tonnes of stress.

when i have friends from all over the world. when i learn about their culture and they learn about mine.

when i have old friends living in different parts of the world. where skype is the best way of contacting them. i miss all of them so much.

when i go out partying in the weekends. trying to forget about studies for a few hours.

when i look out for a nice girl to go out with.

when i miss my family who are living across the globe.

when i try my best to get the most out of student life.

when i know that no one can help me but myself.

when moral and physical health is important.  when it’s not advisable to fall sick and skip lectures and tutorials.


i just got off skype with my best friend izwan. did a lot of catching up in one and a half hours. he was hungry so we cut the session short. (we once skyped for 8 hours!) and we did a bit of planning for winter trip. wohoo!

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One thought on “is this what uni is?

  1. mamacomel53 on said:

    woww..anak mak …

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