seemingly endless string of ‘events’

so just to let you guys know about my exams + coursework, here’s how it goes..

  • Week beginning 27th October – Econometric Problem Set 1 (5%)
  • Week beginning 1st November – Reading Week (pheeew!)
  • Week beginning 8th November – Microeconomics Mid-Sem Exam (33%) AND Mathematical Economics Homework (10%)
  • Week beginning 15th November – Econometrics Mid-Sem Exam (20%)
  • Week beginning 22nd November – Mathematical Economics Mid-Sem Exam (10%)
  • Week beginning 29th November – Business Economics Mock Exam and Macroeconomics Mock Exam (both not counted, thank God)
  • Week beginning 6th December – Econometric Problem Set 2 (5%)

so that’s the plan… I’m not complaining because really, at least these exams will keep me on my feet and at least i will have covered most of the syllabus by december. this ensures that I wont have backlogs during Christmas holidays, giving me a bit more time to enjoy (^^)

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