glass half full

just came back from a shisha night out with my course mates. we’re celebrating our momentary freedom from assessed exams and course works. we were so happy after the math econ exam today. even though it was not that easy, but yeah, I AM happy. it’s -2 degrees outside. i can see a thin layers of ice forming on cars parked outside. it’s a clear sky, with the almost full moon shining rightly, propped with the stars. it’s beautiful.

life is beautiful. even with all of the course works and exams, I’d love to look for the bright side. now, at least, we’ve covered almost all of the topics in the respective subjects. and I see it as a challenge, for being in a good uni. yes, it sucks seeing other people doing a more relaxed course. but at the end, I know that I’m gonna get a lot of benefit from this. and it’s what I signed up for. so I should live up to the standards. because that’s life. you can’t expect everything to follow your pace. it’s gonna be insane. the world doesn’t revolve around you. it’s up to you to accommodate and adjust yourself so that you’ll survive. when I look at math econs for example, i know that it’s hard. significantly harder than any other subjects. but I take it as a challenge, and I know that I’m gonna be a ‘smarter’ person when I finish it, than I was before I started that subject. people say that when one door closes, another will open. technically, that’s not really true. if a door closes upon you, find another door. it will not open by itself. you gotta find it. and if you can’t find any other doors, try the window. and if you feel like you are trapped, hell with it, break the walls. you will be able to get out. I’ve had a lot of hard depressing times, disappointing times, but i got through, and so should you. I was really devastated when I didn’t do well in A-Levels, but thank God, I really found a silver lining. I am really happy here. really.

back to life is beautiful.

yes, life is beautiful. but it’s complicated. and if one is gonna look at the glass half empty for the rest of his life… I don’t know… yes, it’s his choice, but to choose to look at life pessimistically, is not good for me. you only live your life once. there’s only gonna be one ‘today’. one 24/11/2010 in your life. so make the best out of it. if you feel like going clubbing, but you are afraid of what other people are gonna think about you, you should just go. 99% of the people there don’t know you. and you might not see them again later in life. so what if they’re gonna talk about you? just ignore them and have fun.  if you wanna talk to other students but are afraid that your english is not that good, to hell with it. so what? nobody’s perfect. don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes. at least you will learn something. even if you lost your wallet, at least God is telling you that you have been a bit careless, so be more careful next time. I failed a subject last year. I took it as a wakeup call.  that i need to buck up and change my study pattern. at least I failed in the beginning. it’s gonna suck more if you fail right at the end innit? some people will say that I’m too optimistic, and I know that. it’s just that i choose to be optimistic in viewing problems as a whole and i try my best to look at the bigger picture.and try to take the pros and cons of the situation and learn from it. like for now, i suffer from a really bad internet connection in my room. to look at it positively, at least I don’t spend most of my time watching series and movies and use it for other stuff.

so what I’m trying to say here is chill out. relax. smile. look on the bright side. be happy. today, I gave way to a bike twice, and to see them eye to eye in that split second thanking me and smiling back just made me really happy. and then, I had some problem printing lecture slides in a library. I asked the girl right next to me whether I can use her account to print quickly and I’ll pay her 50p for it. she just said yes and refuse to take any money from me. and she is a stranger. thank you dear stranger. you made my day. some other guy in this diner said that he loves Malaysian customers as we are polite and chill. it adds to my happiness level. it’s funny how these little things can really make me happy. it’s like… for a brief moment in time… i know that love still exists among strangers. if everyone is like that… imagine that… “it’s amazing where I’m standing, there’s a lot that we can give” – Vega 4, Life is Beautiful.

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5 thoughts on “glass half full

  1. mamacomel53 on said:

    alhamdulillah..i like what i read. well…remember this..god pays you ‘cash’ right away…
    so be good to every one..may allah blesh us..

  2. aku mencari butang ‘like’ di sini. oh well, nicely put!

  3. wait, kenapa avatar aku muka sedih?? aku LIKE la! stupid wordpress..

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