last day of autumn – not an ordinary one.

yesterday was the last day of autumn according to the calendar. and a lot of not-so-ordinary a.k.a interesting things happened yesterday. first of all, the snow at around 2am. the snow that I’ve been waiting for a long time was finally here.

coming from a country where snow never comes, I love snow. but only if it’s a continuous shower of thick snow where your feet will be buried in snow for at least an inch or so. yes it will be hard to walk, but at least it’s not gonna be slippery. but yesterday’s snow was what you can say half-hearted snow. barely a couple of inches, and it stopped during the day. added by a sunny but cold day yesterday, most of the snow had either melted or was frozen. and it was so hard to commute. so slippery. I really need a new pair of boots. *hints to anyone who wants to buy me a pair*. I thought that since I’ll be having class at 9am, at least most of it will be a bit fresh and it would be a bit easier to walk but I was wrong. lucky that I didn’t fall yesterday – let’s try to keep it that way.

nevertheless, I was early enough to grab a cup of coffee and a couple of croissant before my 9am tutorial. and to my surprise, even the tutor was came a bit later than I did. usually they’ll be there about 10 minutes before the tutorial starts, but when I arrived at around 8.55am, the room was dark, nobody there. I did check my email that morning in case there’s any cancellation but there wasn’t. just when I wanted to be happy, thinking that there’s no tutorial, he came. lol.

after the tutorial, I had 2 free hours, so I decided to go to the gym. interestingly, i woke up early enough that morning to pack my gym bag and brought it to the tutorial. gym session yesterday marks the third time i checked into the gym in november… what a poor achievement. I’ve been really good in october, and the total opposite in november, due to all the exams and course works maybe…

then I went to the last Econometrics lecture of the semester (wohoo!!). after having lunch with my mates, they showed me this really nice cafeteria. it’s in one of the nice old buildings in uni, and not many people know about it. it has this really posh vibe in it, as it has lots of books around it, with couches and all. and it’s really quiet in there.a really nice place to just relax, talk, and sort of take your own sweet time to drink your coffee.

right after my final microeconomics tutorial (wohoo!!), i had to go to the other side of Oxford road to get to my next tutorial, and I saw the coolest thing (to me) ever!

  • Oxford Road (the busiest bus route in Europe) was closed along university. it’s literally empty. you could just sit or even lie down on it. if you look carefully in the picture, you can see a police car in the middle of the road (middle right hand corner of the picture) blocking the traffic.
  • there’s more than 100 policemen out there. you can see them all wearing bright yellow jacket in the picture. and that’s only on one side of the uni. there were more of them.
  • went into my tutorial and can hear people shouting outside. my nosy self just couldn’t focus at all. I really wanted to see what was happening.
  • then, on the way to the next lecture, we couldn’t get into the building. not even the lecturer. Lockdown! haha! after much negotiation, they let us in using the back entrance via loading bay.

it’s kinda funny thinking that right when I wanted to go to the lecture (which I’ve been skipping a lot) we couldn’t get into the building.

so what’s with the cops and all the havoc?! apparently, there’s this planned protest (again) opposing the raise of tuition fee for home students. the fee is planned to be raised threefold. from 3k to 9k. that’s a lot of money. especially when the current government pledged to go against fee increment before the general election last year. so students all over UK have been protesting. almost every week now. I dunno. I don’t know where they found time to join and organise these protests when 24 hours are barely enough for me.

finally, last night, I slept at around 9pm. really early. missing another snow shower later that night. woke up at half 5 just now. looking outside and seeing that it’s still snowing lightly, I’m happy. albeit knowing the fact that I’ll have to walk really slowly today…. and it’s the first day of winter everyone!

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4 thoughts on “last day of autumn – not an ordinary one.

  1. korang first day winter, gua sini first day summer. tak serupa summer langsung. sejuk & hujan. heh.
    awak join tak rally tu?

  2. ye. dan juga tetiba simedarby tarik balik scholarship coz join menda2 yg burukkan nama diorang 😛

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