1st day of winter (post entry)

thought of sleeping early tonight but nah. just feel like writing this first.

1st day of winter on Wednesday. it was snowing heavily. all day long. loved it. and to continue to my extraordinary last day of autumn, I woke up at around 5am that day. wrote an entry, looked at the last Econometrics problem set of the sem, then decided to pay a visit to the gym at half 7. fells great working out in the morning. and the gym wasn’t full as well. really nice. had a mock exam for business econ, and didnt revise at all since it doesnt count. PASS session went great and took the rest of the day off. then at night, played some snow with a couple of high school friends (lester n chaom). Nothing interesting, really, except the fact that it snowed all day. and now, they are all either frozen, or squishy. not the best condition to walk on. most of my lectures and tutorials are over now. really happy about it.

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One thought on “1st day of winter (post entry)

  1. Snow fight tak ajak huhuhuhu!

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