I have this friend, just met him this year. A very interesting lad. From all the times we spent together at moss lounge, I came into that he sees the world in black and white, yes and no. Very scientific. He won’t believe anything that can’t really be proven or shown. He doesn’t even believe in love. And most of the time, everyone will spend a lot of time debating (arguing) with him. Lol. People say that he’s weird due to his beliefs. To me, we have to respect that. It’s his view. Yes, he’s a bit weird in a way that he doesn’t follow the social conventions that we all conform to. He’s like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. Matiin and Chris even wrote a song about him. And what I respect most about him is that he is ok (or at least i think he is) with people calling him weird. He doesn’t go all emo when people criticize him or try to prove him wrong. Consistent. Firm. That’s a good thing innit? In everything that I do, I found out that persistence is the key for success. As long as you are very determined to do something, with God’s willing, you’ll be able to do it.

P/s: dinesh, we still love you for the way you are, even though you don’t really believe in love.

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