in 2010 I learnt…

a lot…


but to simplify things, here’s a short review on things that happened and things i learnt in 2010:

1. awesome new year celebration

2. first uni exam in january

3. first time celebrating birthday abroad

4. failed a paper – felt miserable

5. started clubbing đŸ˜›

6. met new friends from other countries

7. passed 2nd sem with flying colours

8. crushes đŸ˜›

9. awesome holiday with family in Penang

10. met the lovely Nasirs… xx – and you too Chris!

11. decided to use “lol” in daily conversations and blogging and fb.

12. awesome end of the year gathering with old friends!

13. started going to the gym! woot woot!

14. went to wales, portugal, ireland, and amsterdam with best friends

15. learnt not to trust people easily

16. uni is not easy

17. dont judge people

18. to watch my mouth more often

19. be grateful for the way i am, and things i have, rather than things i dont have

20. to show appreciation to those i care and love

21. not to over-think things.

22. friends that i have might turn into acquaintances – easily

23. i love eupho a lot – a few people in this planet that i know i can trust.

24. when there’s a will,, there’s a way – but subject to circumstances

25. forgive but not forget, as that person might do the same thing to me.

26. to be more careful – after i lost my wallet and bus pass, etc…

27. that skipping lectures will lead to my own distruction

28. that blogging is fun!

29. don’t be shy to ask questions or make mistakes or admit that i made one.

30. don’t be a fool

31. to lead a balanced life – between studying and partying

32. not to take people for granted

33. to accept more variety in music

34. started playing my dearest clarinet again in uni – and realised that i’m not that good after all

35. that i love manchester a lot

36. that i miss Malaysia

37. that Jason Mraz and Matt Cardle are my 2 favourite singers.

38. that i suck ant managing my finances

39. that learning french is so far away from becoming a reality.

40. that i really want to further my studies. not stopping at undergrad. can i? please SD, please! đŸ™‚

41. that there’s a price to pay for being in a good uni.

42. that editing pictures is fun!

43. that my voice, in general, is not suitable to be a singer… but i’m not gonna stop singing.

44. that i love my new ipod!

45. flew in A380 with Emirates and it WAS cool!

46. that resitting a paper is not fun at all. i would rather travel or spend time at home.

47. played rockband for the first time – with our little band in malaysia. đŸ˜›

48. that some people, might just forget that i exist…. or they just dont want to hang out with me anymore. i’m fine with that.

49. that i really love fireworks.

50. that i am awesome. SO BE IT.

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2 thoughts on “in 2010 I learnt…

  1. haha last sekali tak boleh blah.

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