still counting…

it’s 3.50 am now. i’m still in the library. as you might have guessed by my absence, i’ve been really busy lately. exams coming next week, and i am prepping. i have been going to the library since it opened 24 hours last week. yet, i still feel that i haven’t covered that much.

last saturday marks the 8th year since Eupho0307 was formed. this year is the 9th. my batchmates, the one that i’ve known for 8 years and still counting, are like my extended siblings now. they’re the ones that understands me, and are always there for me. come to think of it, if a child was born when we all first met each other, he/she will be in standard 3 now! that’s a very long time… i love the i love them i love them. i cant wait for our 10th anniversary, and 15th, and 20th, and 25th, and….it would be insane! i can imagine our children playing together and all, and that we’ll still be great friends till the end of our lives….

cheers to our precious friendship! *clank*

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