despite all the goodness that you can say about it, I think exams are not healthy. generally. at least for me it’s not. as soon as my mates are back to their respective unis, I knew that holiday’s over for me.  the university’s main library started opening for 24/7 since 4th January. and since then, I went to the library almost every day to revise and prepare myself for the exams.

the problem is, I’ve always been a night person; that is I study in the night time, I can usually study in the day. and during day time, the library will be packed! the crowd only fades away at around 11pm. that’s the time when I started my revision. and I’ll usually stay there till 4/5/6 in the morning. then sleep till evening, and the whole cycle starts again the next day.

I didn’t have proper meals, I skipped my gym sessions (what a waste!),and I didn’t really take any time to relax properly. needless to say, I was exhausted. very exhausted. and when my exams were done, I was to tired, that I didn’t really get to celebrate as  much as I planned for. and now, a whole new semester starts again, and the inevitable fight to stay focused and on track has begun. so the bottom line is, for me, exams are not good mentally, physically, and emotionally. hahaha..

but I’m not blaming the uni though. it’s the price I have to pay for being in a good uni, and doing a good course. I just wish that it wasn’t as tense as it had been. and it would be great if we had a week to refresh ourselves and prepare for the new sem.

next up: turning 20

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