So how was my 20th birthday celebration? Awesome! Basically, my birthday was in the middle of exam period. I had exams on the 19th, 20th and 21st! So the initial plan was, to just have a simple meal with my loved ones in Manchester (since my family is not here) and then back to studying. So we had a meal. Just a simple get together, small group of close friends and suddenly they brought out 2 cakes for me with candles and all and I just melted (together with the candles). Nisa said that they might have put 21 candles on the cakes! Hahahahaha! But yeah, I was really happy, and was in a good mood despite being stressful about exams.

It was agreed earlier that we’ll have a proper celebration (if we want to) after the exams are over. So, Raja D kinda made me promise to not have any plans on the following Friday (although I was really tempted to go to after exam BOP). I’m not gonna lie, I knew that we’ll have a proper dinner with the Moss Lounge crew that night. Then I went there a bit late, at around half 8 at night, and there they were, u know, the usual Moss Lounge Crew I just sat there waiting for the shisha.

After a few minutes, I heard a loud bang somewhere in the house,  and I knida saw a bright light coming out of the hallway, I thought that some accident happened in the kitchen, like the kitchen was on fire or something, even the fire alarm went off!  I was horrified for a split second, till suddenly, a whole group of people came into the room, bringing another 2 cakes for me! and they were singing happy birthday! I was shocked! Surprised! I was sweating! I really didn’t expect it to be that many people! loved it! Nisa made the cakes for me, and Raja D made chicken rice for us.  Matiin invited like tonnes of people! I was soooooo happy and touched! Really was. :’) then I got to know that Matiin even invited like our extended group, like those whom I met just once or twice and even my KYS friends! XXX! I seriously can’t put it in words how grateful I am to have such friends… I’m speechless.

The Moss Lounge Crew bought me a Zippo with engravings on it, Matiin bought me 2 clarinet books (which was really thoughtful since it was appropriate to my level; he actually asked the sales assistant to find books appropriate to my grade!), Peja got me a pair of headphones (Beats by Dr. Dre!) and Dee Zuraimi gave me a travel grooming kit (which was appropriate to my vain side! Xxx) all in all, turning 20 was great! It was awesome! Nothing to what anyone could ever wish for. It was lovely to have such people who went to some extent just to celebrate my birthday. Xxxxxx! Although I know it would be nicer to celebrate it with my family, but yeah, they all are like my family now in Manchester. Thanks guys. 😡

And that’s how I turned 20!



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2 thoughts on “Twenteen

  1. jelesnyeeee! sorry kami takleh join u guys bergumbira di sana. sorry jugak bday card sampai lambat. 😥

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