what’s new?

Where have I been lately? Besides busy with studies, lately, I’ve been more interested in reading blogs, not writing. I’m a bit lazy to type. So what happened eyh?

I bought a breadmaker, hence obtaining my latest nickname ‘rotiboy’ hahaha! I’ve made quite a number of loafs, and tried to do some other stuff as well. So far, the best creations were made using my latest dough. It was quite a big recipe, so, we made quite a number of things with it. First up, sausage rolls a.k.a pig in a blanket:

That was just brilliant and I loved it. Everyone loved it! Feel like making them everyday!

Then, there’s still a lot of dough left, so nisa helped me to make these lovely sardine rolls! Yummeyh!

we made a pizza as well, but i forgot to take the picture… heehhehe…

I don’t really know what else to write. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of things that I wanted to share here…

Oh yeah,

I burnt myself the other day while I was making lunch. I accidently dropped the sausage a bit too quickly, and hot oil spilt on my hand and my tshirt. NEW tshirt! Darn!

it's still here, on my upper left arm...

The tshirt I was referring to:

that's ihsan's finger btw.. lol

I made it the other day, and it only cost me 8 quids! With the tshirt! Another self obsessed move by me…. lol.

Went to BOP the other night and it was brilliant as always.


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7 thoughts on “what’s new?

  1. oit, tu tattoo permanent ke yg wash off punye?

    anyways, bubuh la gambar breadmaker kat sini. kalau best, tak perlu la gua belikan mak & abah since awak pon dah nak balik next year kan. hehehehehe.
    best la roti awak. menyelerakan.

    • tu bukan tattoo… tu cop masuk je…

    • of coz awak kena beli untuk mak ngan abah 1. sebab the one that i bought was the cheapest one. cikai je, cukup untuk student.. hehe…

      • tapi kan, awak kan nak balik next yr. tak perlu la nak bazir2 beli byk2 breadmaker. lain la kalau awak nak pindah keluar dari rumah mak & abah tu bila balik nanti. hehehee.
        so bila nak post gambar breadmaker tu? gua nak tengok. biar gua nilaikan dia tu cikai ke mantap.

      • oo. nanti la.. cam busy sket skarang. nanti hariz upload. coz i wasnt thinking of bringing it back to malaysia. and plus, maybe nak sambung blajar. so cam tak tau lagi…

  2. mamacomel53 on said:

    dia akan jadi cantik kalau sapu kuning telor.
    nampak lebeh menyelerakan..baru boleh buka bakery..hhee. heee

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